The Problem

A human touches his face almost 600 times a day, this touch is known to be the primary cause for many kind of infections and diseases.

Scientists say that Covid-19 might just be the start and a new era of diseases humanity is just not prepared for.

Humans need to get rid of the unhealthy habit of touching their face in order to prevent harmful bacteria from their system.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving humanity by helping everyone get rid of habits that spread diseases around the world.

The following pathogens enter your body via facial mucus membranes

  • • Rhinovirus (cold)

  • • CoronaVirus (Covid-19)

  • • Influenza (Flu)

  • • Norovirus

  • • MRSA

  • • E.Coli

  • +Many more

Untouch Band

The Untouch Band is a personal companion that helps you get rid of the unconscious habit of touching the face by training your mind with a mild vibration.

Social Distancing tracker
Body Temperature Sensor
Bluetooth 4.2
All day battery

Multiple Gesture Support

Active Motion tracker

Body Temperature Sensor

Works non-stop

Always on Social Distance Tracker

Personalised calibration

Phoneless operation

Support iOS 11+, Android 5.0+


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Do i need two untouch bands ?

You don't need two bands, putting one band on your dominant hand will alert when that one hand touches your face, which is more effective than no alerting. Having said that, putting bands on each hand increases the efficacy of alerting you whenever you touch your face. Thus decreasing your chances of getting sick.

Is Untouch Band effective for Children ?

The effectiveness of the Untouch Band depends on two parts, (1) can it detect when a child touches their face, and (2) will the child therefore stop touching their face and build a habit not to touch their face. For the first point, yes, untouch can detect when a child touches their face. But for the second point, it comes down to if you think your child would deliberately stop touching their face at the onset of a vibration. If you think they will, then Untouch Band will be effective for your child. But if you think they would just ignore the vibration, then this product won't be effective

Where does the Untouch Band get manufactured?

Parts are gathered from around the world and assembled in Bangalore, India

Do I need a smartphone to use it?

You only need a smartphone for setup. After that you can use the Untouch Band anywhere. Untouch App support iOS 11+ and android 5.0+

What types of behaviors can Untouch Band help me with?

Untouch Band is designed to help you become aware of unwanted behaviors that are physical movements of the hands, repetitive and focused on the body. These include, but are not limited to: hair pulling (trichotillomania), nail biting (onychophagia), skin picking (dermatillomania / excoriation disorder) and thumb sucking. Untouch Band generally works best with behaviors related to hand motions near the head, face, and legs. We have also had some customers successfully use it for picking of the hands and arms, though a user may find greater false alarms with these areas of the body. If you are unsure if Untouch Band can be used for your behavior, just send us a note at

meet the team

We are a small group of inventors, hackers and designers on a mission.

Ravi Pujari


Iftikar Khan


Shrishail Pattar


Pradip Zille



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